Frequently Asked Questions

This Is Everything You Need To Know About A Jax Brewery Tour!

What Can I Expect On My Tour?

The Jax Brew Bus tours local craft breweries in Jacksonville. We will visit three local microbreweries each located in a different Jacksonville area neighborhood and sample the award winning beers that are making Jacksonville a beer destination city. Your brew guide will tell you everything you wanted to know about Jacksonville’s breweries, the brewmasters, the local beer scene, home brewing, and even a little bit about beer history.

Did we mention local beer? Yeah, you will try plenty of that too. In addition to tour samplings the bus has a cooler, ice, and growlers (half gallon and quart gallon beer jugs) to keep any additional beer you purchase cold. Save the beer for later or enjoy it on the ride around town.

The Jax Brew Bus takes care of all of the driving. All you need to do is come prepared to drink great beer.

Is Beer Included In The Price Of My Ticket?

Yes! During the tour you will sample approximately 10-15 4 ounce samples of local craft beer. You are not obligated to drink each sample provided. IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU ARRANGE TRANSPORTATION OR DESIGNATE A SOBER DRIVER BACK TO YOUR HOME OR HOTEL AT THE END OF THE TOUR

How Long Is The Tour?

Tours typically last 4 ½ – 5 hours (be sure to arrive approximately 15 minutes before scheduled departure time).

Can I Drink On The Bus?

Drinking is allowed on the bus but we only allow beer from Jacksonville’s local craft breweries.

Do You Serve Beer On The Bus?

No. The bus is BYOLB (Bring Your Own Local Beer) only.

Is Food Part Of The Tour?

We do always stop at a location in which food is available and ensure that you have the time to enjoy a meal. However, because of the variety of food allergies and personal preferences we do not provide food as part of the ticket price. You generally can get a good meal for under $12 at one of our stops.

Do You Go To The Anheuser-Bush Brewery?

Absolutely not.

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