SEM strategy for small businesses approved by Google

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SEM strategy for small businesses approved by Google

SEM strategy for small businesses approved by GoogleFor small businesses, recent developments in (SEM) search engine marketing industry have been quite terrifying. Small business owners already living on the edge, often with a large debt and little margin for error. These small businesses have a high failure rate and rapid growth since the collapse of the internal market.

These entrepreneurs are looking for stability, just like the rest of Canadian companies and worldwide. Unfortunately, lately a stability on Google search yielded few results. Some profiles of blog with a great reputation in the networks were fully désindexés from the database of Google in March, including the now famous BuildMyRank blog network. After that, a million Web sites received warning links «abnormal».

Meanwhile, a storm of speculation about industry erupted after that Google talked about over-optimize. This week, we finally learned the new algorithm of Google webspam, an offensive all-out to detect the tactics of type spam such as keyword stuffing, spam and ‘spun’ content – spun link.

Small businesses have been riding on Google guidelines comparable to a round in the roller coaster, essayeant to understand the new reality of the ‘how’ highlight small business on search under these new rules engines. The bar was clearly raised since last year, when the discussion turned on the subject of the Panda update, which has targeted content generated and modified automatically, as well as extremely low quality content.

How can small businesses continue to enjoy the benefits of massive traffic from Google?
Diversification is the key

The first task for small businesses is a diversified approach of marketing on search engines. The best analogy is that of a financial advisor. Similar to your stock portfolio while only one stock title, it is not advisable to put too much of your SEM in one basket.

Give too great importance on the base link is the first symptom of the need for a broader vision. Those who are foolish enough to be completely dependent on one of the networks that Google has pulled down learned this harsh lesson through a rapid drop in the rankings. Then there are those who have received a real Google Alert and living now in daily fear of being completely removed search engines.

But even those who have lived ‘abnormal’ issues of strengthening ties, it is time to rethink the design of the links. Reposition your way of thinking, with a renewed focus on:

Creation of buzz.
Save links to the content.

Do not neglect the possibilities for many other campaigns consumer target, many small businesses have not yet entered, such as email marketing, social media and customer reviews.

Genuine involvement

Social media are well established as a legitimate marketing tactic and more customers go to social media for business validation and customer service issues.

Small businesses often ignore social media because it is believed that social does not directly contribute to search engine rankings. It is time to update this thought.

The lesson goes same for owners of small businesses who are not actively involved in associations, writing Blog, writing posts invited and regularly talk in forums with experts from the industry. Many small businesses have not always collected customer reviews.

All these activities leave fingerprints backlink from a unquestionably legitimate company that is truly committed to his community. It is a solid SEM strategy.
Focus on the end-user

Beware, this is not a new message from Google. But it has real teeth for those who do not listen.

Web content should be centered on the end user. This means that it is educational or otherwise enhances the experience of the end user (as humor). After all, high quality content is the Google search engine a power plant.

Contribute to that mass of information. Every business has valuable information to share. Plumbers may make a Video how do/how-to’s of a DIY. Accountants can write about a recent change in the tax code that helps to save money.

The emphasis placed on education rather than marketing puts a small company on the right side of the optimization for search engines (SEO) online. Indeed, a backlink in return a valuable contribution is quite OK.
To finish

Although it may seem that the requirements above are just different words for the strengthening of the traditional ties and marketing content, small businesses should reconsider their position. Do not interpret the evolution of SEM as a simple exercise in semantics.

There have always been plenty of shades of gray in SEO, which is why the language issues.? How small businesses think and speak of actions SEM guides.

Google has done a company called “BuildMyRank.” Can Google take them down if their name was “BuildMyBuzz” and their product was legitimately placed on the quality of the content, education, videos ‘how to’ and the creation of buzz for real small businesses? To you to judge.

Accessible digital communication for small businesses

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Accessible digital communication for small businesses

Accessible digital communication for small businessesDigital communication may seem like a barbaric term reserved for the punters of marketing and communication. Times are changing, and it even makes sense for a small company to reflect on its digital strategy. It was simply to make the promotion of your products or your services through different channels. We can consider this as a cross channel strategy. According to Eric Daubié (Marketing Leader at IBM Software Group) “it allows to optimize sales and that the success of each channel contributes to the success of others, and the benefit of your sign”.

Content such as your brand DNA

The promise you make to your customers must relate in digital communication, through all the channels you are using. The “landing page” or home page of your website must allow your customers to immediately identify that you are the one he is looking for. The constitution of your content small business tools must sweat this DNA which gives you an advantage differentiating against your competitors. It is a construction scheme that you will comply with all your means of communication (website, direct marketing, networks and social media). A coherent digital communication allows you to broadcast a clear message to your customer. The job you have, done upstream, during the creation of your business plan will be a waist support to keep this conductive line.

Links as binders gateways your communication media


An athlete will need good oxygenate muscles to increase its performance. The technique is essentially the same to optimize the referencing of your content. Power your web site, your pages of social networks (Facebook + Google, Twitter, Pinterest), and of course your blog via which can feed them: relevant links. The relevance of the content in the form that you choose (articles, videos, photos…) must feed your audience.
Interactions as a stimulus to the Exchange.


Your employees have a key role in the digital communication of your company. Request for relaying publications or articles on social networks. Each user of Facebook in average 130 friends. Take advantage of virality that this can generate. How to communicate if you don’t brag on dedicated platforms. It is an know-how that you submit to your customers or prospects. The interest of a digital communication, as I stated it to you previously, is to promote your products through different channels.


Notice received from your customers through this strategy you put in place are the result of your involvement. Make sure that your energy is rewarded by customers who become your brand influencers. Some entrepreneurs may feel you wipe reviews at the reading of the notice of their hearing. Would this not be damage having travelled such a path for whacked on negative advice today? A key word: co-construction!

Video marketing, it is also for small businesses

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Video marketing, it is also for small businesses

Video marketing, it is also for small businessesThe figures are clear: here, 90% of internet traffic will be related to playback of videos. With the massive arrival of the milleniaux (consumer mobile platform) market consumers by 2017, it is becoming increasingly urgent to include video in your marketing strategy (if not yet the case).
Too often, small business suffer from a lack of presence, still more those who have not followed the revolution of digital marketing. And often the same preconceptions hinder: Budget ‘video production’ is accessible only to large companies. Only brands have interesting to broadcast content. Video marketing can, small business directory at first sight, costly for small companies, but the return on investment will be worth it. Firstly, because the video represents the most engaging content form to date, but also because it is the platform marketing with the highest growth rate.


Milleniaux, thrusters of video marketing
At this stage of the evolution of the marketing, small business will soon more have chosen to include video in their strategy if they want to take on the market, even more if the generation Y (or the milleniaux) is the new wave of consumers to convince!
What you need to know for milleniaux? They have less time for attention and a lot more access to digital platforms as the members of the previous generation. And most importantly, they are more likely to buy a product after watching it online.


Constantly confronted with ads and other web marketing practices, they are more attracted by different experiences, as emotional design that stimulates the emotions by the experiments on interfaces.
In this regard, small businesses have a size advantage, either… their small size! People are actually more likely to trust the small establishments with an image less “corpo”, therefore more friendly and familiar.


The quality of the products/services, a company on a human scale, a family business or the employees of trust and close to their customers, the arguments fail not to small businesses to provide compelling consumer content.


The proximity corporate image enjoyed by small structures is actually a huge advantage, because the main issue is to get closer to its target audience, but also to establish a connection with him.


Think more commercial, be authentic
We are entering an era where the eyes of the consumer are daily confronted to content marketing. Small or large company, it is in this context that should stand out and create added value, including through the video.
Advantage for small companies, the proximity makes for sale: videos to the rather personal tone (podcast, tutorial, Vlogger etc.) are more successful that those more professional and too “sanitized”.


For authenticity, small businesses have the advantage of being generally close firms and are by definition, unlike corporations or large chains that are more impersonal.


To enjoy the benefits of video marketing, the company must therefore establish a personal connection. This seems obvious, but most lack their coup by wanting to be too technical.


And since 58% of consumers believe that a company using videos to promote its products/services is more reliable, it is high time for all (large or small) to integrate video into their marketing strategies.

Disable the Bloodsuckers of Your Computer

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bloddsuckers computer
Disable the Bloodsuckers of Your Computer A person who runs on the computer with the Internet connection more or less methods caution when getting applications from mail and the Internet because of the danger of viruses and trojans. Applications and these harmful software requirements could cause your system after it’s disperse within your system to become unsound and even worse, it additionally infects additional programs attached to yours.

For this reason any sensible computer consumer has antivirus applications installed in a singleis computer regarding security against episodes from worms and viruses that proliferate the Net. The good thing about viruses and viruses is the undeniable fact that it’s simpler to location these hoping to get into the body. For example, a malware or earthworm could try to enter your system from an unknown origin generally through an attachment that is suspicious. Chances are, many internet surfers understand better than to open parts that are dubious. Furthermore, arduous antivirus programs may check parts one which just start them-so that your chance against trojans and viruses are correctly maintained.

Nevertheless, being a Net person, you’ve more to worry earthworms and about than viruses. Regrettably, antivirus applications are not built to find other forms of provocations and you might inadvertently install adware and spyware and once this happens, uninstalling these packages can be tricky if you’re not mindful. In your technique, many spyware can not get detected for starters. You’ll carry on your normal computer and Web behaviors without knowing that the privacy is greatly violated as well as your protection is considerably inhibited.

Since you may continue to employ your computer and spyware may proceed hidden and also the Web as-usual, there’s no need to bother about uninstalling spyware, right?
bloddsuckers computer
Spyware in gentle cases impedes in your solitude since it could course and pay attention to your usage patterns and these info are reported back once again to the company that designed the spyware so they could develop advertising profiles. Greater than that though, several spyware have the opportunity to join up and pay attention to keystrokes, check paperwork inside your computer’s hard-drive, and will rob your passwords along with other sensitive information that may allow you to the victim of identitytheft and other situations wherever your personal info may be used to skimp your safety.

To the other hand, adware is used by businesses to invade your computer with advertisements that were unsolicited. The absolute most problematic forms will be the versions that indiscriminately place adverts on to your display even although you utilizing or are not currently observing their site. Sometimes, in fact, adware continues to work into one’s body long after you uninstalled the program it got provided with.

Given the stability dangers, the invasion of the to solitude, and also the troublesome effects of adware and spyware, you’ll be wise to uninstall these packages from your own computer. But, to uninstall adware from your process is not such a only process.

To good programs, businesses that proliferate the Net having spyware and adware go for one thing to ensure that uninstalling these from your method might be difficult. In most cases, as an example, you’ll struggle to utilize reputable application in the event you attempt to uninstall the adware. Adware and spyware are usually provided with shareware and cannot operate independently of each and every other or reputable freeware.

Adware Cleaner from Trend Micro Systems

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adware cleaner
Adware Cleaner from Trend Micro Systems Computers are like folks. This is because the program inside is very sensitive or at worse information can be taken from it. Here are a few methods spyware or adware could get in to the computer.

The most typical is inside the kind of a popup showing the average person there is a virus while in the computer. It’s possible to wonder how it is probable considering the fact that the anti virus method did not recognize it and choose to download it to be around the safe area.

By accessing photos, movies and other files on the internet another is. It may not seem harmful at first and the individual will only observe something wrong when it’s not too early.

Some people possess opening mail from strangers’ habit. Because it is like starting Pandora’s field this would never be achieved along with the person will only undergo for it.

E-mail from visitors may be chucked in the junk mail, selected websites could be prevented. Someway, hackers remain in a position to get it doesn’t matter what the individual can therefore several bigger markers must be introduced.

Protection regarding this unit should really be everyone’s problem. In the end, over 85PERCENT of families that are Us have a model at home. Could anything be performed to protect it from hazards that were considerable? The solution is certainly because organizations like Pattern Microsystems have.
adware cleaner
Regardless of checking for existing problems within the computer, the makers get also developed potential difficulties to be looked for by it. When starting accessing a website that way, it could notify an individual.

May be the spyware from Pattern Microsystems? Regrettably, the solution isn’t any. Shoppers attempt it for 15 times and could get it although and people that are content with the original effectiveness can purchase it.

The moment the machine is downloadable, the spyware removers will start to do its task. Before may observe that you’ll find no further pop up advertisements appearing hence ensuring the person that this works.

If that is appropriate for the operating system of the computer the one thing for the specific to concern yourself with now’s. Before planning any more those who find themselves unable to manage it should do an update.

Pattern Microsystems, which is really a based company that is Japanese, offers other products to offer. Exactly like Ms or McAfee, in addition, it offers plans to fight against viruses, which is regarded as an important headache within the information-technology marketplace.

Irrespective of obtaining a remover, computer people are encouraged to additionally set a backup computer plus a firewall up. This really is to ensure that all-the papers are protected in the case that the files that are present have been compromised by risk.

The in-patient will have a way to receive upgrades free of charge after purchasing the adware spyware removers from Development Microsystems. The person should merely manage it this system regularly each couple of days upon logging in.

Those who worth the computer shouldn’t compromise between an adware spyware remover that is free of the one that will definitely cost $ thirty 50. Because your choice one makes may imply sacrificing specified details or perhaps a computer collision in the foreseeable future this is.

Self in the network: opportunities in E-Commerce

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Self in the network opportunities in E-Commerce

Self in the network opportunities in E-CommerceE-commerce is booming. Almost every Internet user purchases online or uses the World Wide Web to find out about companies and their offers and to compare them with each other. The boom in online trading offers also career opportunities for job seekers.


On the one hand, E-commerce companies are looking for professionals with knowledge and communication skills. On the other hand, it was never so easy to make independently on the Web with its own shop and to set up their own business. What should you pay attention?


A basic understanding of content management and payment systems for E-Commerce beginners are beneficial, but not a must. Who is looking for employment as an IT professional, but only as IT lay wants to create an online store, needs no programming knowledge at all with E-shop solutions by hosting providers. Rather, an interesting business idea, a good business plan, and the devotion for the own Web project are required. Fortunately, there‘s a free E-book by the founder of a successful, providing insights into the creation of an online store at 1 & 1.
So the project not because of underestimated costs and complexity of online trade fails, a well thought-out business plan is one of the first steps on the way to establishing an online store. In the start-ups, investors, banks, funding institutions are often and business partners involved, you must convince of his business plan.


Therefore, this should be created in collaboration with professional advisers. An existence founders advice helps to clarify the financing requirement, the definition of the goods and services that are offered in the shop to the analysis of the competition and the development of a marketing strategy and a business plan.


A point of contact for advice-seeking entrepreneur in Saxony is as founder entrepreneur Centre which at its plants in Dresden, Chemnitz and Leipzig offers relevant workshops and presents the funding potential for the project and grants.


To succeed with their Web shop, shop owner should take care full-time to their project. Not everything can and must make the shop owner alone. Marketing and logistics are the two areas for the project grows more and more staff and expertise needed.


Also for maintaining customer contacts, a well-managed online shop requires a high degree on time. Communication is an important feature for founders of new businesses on the net. Creativity and innovation are more important factors for a successful Web shop.


Place deer such as Amazon or eBay online shop prospective operators must fear no exaggerated, because many consumers prefer smaller shops to the online giant. Small shops often provide customer proximity and regional reference.


It is important to find a niche and to offer products or services that differentiate the shop from the competition. Small shops can draw for example focus on something like a regional brand or a particular product line.


Regardless of the scope of the project, entrepreneur must observe the legal guidelines for the e-commerce on the net.

Start-up and business plan competitions

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Start-up and business plan competitions

Start-up and business plan competitionsYou want who has an idea, to keep itself for genius, of course, finds this recognition in other. Participants of the following competitions get not only the industry-specific attention, but if they emerge victorious from the competitions even small amount of money or other foundations for the company. In Germany, we have summarized the major business plan competitions.
Head hits capital (only idea or already established)
“Head hits capital” distinguishes companies that come small business tips out with little capital and act at the same time economically sustainable. In contrast to conventional competitions, the evaluation is made here by a community.

Price: A metal sculpture
Attendance up: Prize 2010 is already taken for 2011 TBD
Winner of the previous year: gaxsys GmbH
Organizer: Laboratory for entrepreneurship

Innovative ICT (only idea)

The competition is held by the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology. A ten fünfzehn-seitiges concept team, degree of innovation, market potential, feasibility is evaluated according to the criteria.

Price: Six ideas will be awarded, the prize winners receive up to 30,000 euros
Attendance: respectively 31.5 and 30.11 a year
Organizer: BMWi

Guarantee of success (already established)

The Essen advertising agency “SK communications” awards the success to the company that can get the most creative idea in a six-month selection process against its competition. Condition is that the company is not older than one year.

Price: EUR 50,000 in services (help with marketing and communication)
Attendance: Application every six months
Organiser: SK communications

German founders Prize (already established)

For the “German start-up prize” does not apply, you can only be suggested. The prestigious prize is awarded for students, startup, movers and life’s work.

Price: the German Founder’s prize, consulting with Porsche consulting, support in public relations
Completed participation: for this year
Winner of the previous year: team Argus (winners category students), Bora Lüftungstechnik GmbH (winners category StartUp), Internet stores AG (winners category movers), Prof. Dr. h.c. Ludwig Georg Braun (winners category lifetime achievement)
Organizer: German savings bank and Giro Association

Entrepreneur of the year (only idea or already established)

The consultancy Ernst & Young (younger than four years old) chooses every year the “Entrepreneur of the year” even for medium-sized entrepreneurs (at least 40 employees), as well as for founders of start-ups. The national winners then participate in the international ceremony.

Participation: from 1 January 2011
Winner of the previous year: Professor Claus Hipp (category industry), Dirk Roßmann (category commercial), Thomas Riedel (category services), Rainer Gläß (IT/media category), Robert Stöcklinger and Uwe Heinze (start-up category)
Organiser: Ernst & Young

Weconomy (only idea or already established)

“WECONOMY” founder competition aimed at young entrepreneurs align the knowledge factory and the Handelsblatt. Among other things, a trade journal editor and the former spokesman of 1 & 1 find themselves in the jury.

Price: networking weekend with top-class managers
Participation: effective immediately
Organizer: knowledge factory & trade sheet

Open source business award (only idea or already established)

There’s a special prerequisite: the business model must be based on a license of the open source initiative. You can participate as an individual and companies headquartered in Europe.

Price: up to 75.000 euro
Attendance: unknown
Winner of the previous year: oxide eShop and SOPERA
Organizer: Open source business Foundation

Whiz (only idea)

“Whiz” finds idea sketches and helps to make this reality. Unfortunately, there is the restriction that the final business creation in Bochum, Germany must take place here!

Price: including 20,000 euro (1st) and help in the development of the idea
Attendance up: end of 2011
Organizer: City of Bochum, economic development

Promotion of innovation

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Promotion of innovation

Promotion of innovationPromotion of innovation

You are a small or medium company, Institute or college and for their research and development projects looking for a grant? Then comes the promotion of innovation of the Hessian Ministry of economic, energy, transport and land development, and the Ministry for science and art, in question. Hesse awards a grant or a loan on the economic and infrastructure Bank Hessen (WIBank) to secure competitiveness through innovation and to create future-oriented jobs, and maintain. The amount of funding depends on the claimed individual program. In order to promote of innovation, there are following sub-programmes:

Research, development, innovation, and knowledge and technology transfer
Construction, expansion and stimulation of innovation clusters (research, innovation and user centres, laboratories, testing facilities)
Incubators and technology-small business network oriented incubators
Venture capital for innovative start-ups
House of logistics & mobility (HOLM)

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) according to EU definition as well as universities, local authorities, research institutions and public institutions are eligible for funding. Also SMEs can come with maximum of 500 employees and a high turnover of 50 million euro benefit from the promotion. The grant or loan is granted on condition that the promotion of innovation compared to other private or public financing is subordinated. The total financing of the project must be ensured with the support and the seat at the time of application in Hesse, Germany. Promoted to the especially the research and development projects, their introduction and the facilities of the technology infrastructure and technology transfer. The application is made directly to the WIBank, unless the individual program does something else.

For the request for promotion of innovation in economic and infrastructure Bank Hessen (WIBank) you submit with the best a professional business plan. If you want to create your business plan we submit an offer to you like. Hope, yours will grows rapidly.

5 tips for entrepreneurs

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5 tips for entrepreneurs
5 tips for entrepreneurs1 idea. What do you want to do?

There are thousands business possibilities and thousands also the possibilities of developing the idea. You have a bright idea or simply take life wanting to do this or this other. The main thing is to have a clear idea on which to build your entrepreneurial project. If you have several ideas to settle on one and if you have a will to develop it, much remains to be done! Tries to energize you idea, can this must evolve along the entrepreneurial journey. Ah! Did you think that with a good idea you‘ve achieved something? That is only 1% of the project, now the other 99%, work!


2 develops a business plan.


This is the essential tool to get a minimum idea of your business. Prepares a forecast of revenue and expenditure and financial planning more realistic, and even pessimistic, as possible. There are many models and ways of developing a business plan, but in this case, the important thing is not the size but the quality of the content. Use it to reflect on your abilities, competition, product, access to financing, etc. A reference of the CIRCE here although you have plenty of models of business plan in the network.


Keep in mind that a very high percentage of companies disappear in a relatively short period of time and, no doubt, because the lack of planning of the same. The failure is not usually 100% fault or self-employed, but by a combination of circumstances that you must try to anticipate.


3. choice of the ideal legal form.


It depends on how many may be, types of expenses that you‘ll have, responsibility and contribution of initial money, expected benefits, etc. For example, an autonomous administrative facility is quite superior to other societies, but the deductibility of expenses is less than a society and up to certain level of benefits is more beneficial tax level since you are going to pay taxes at your marginal rate of income tax. In terms of responsibility, should pay close attention to the development of the law on entrepreneurs in terms of limitation of the housing in the responsibility of the autonomous and some other characteristics.


We leave a picture overview of the different types of legal forms that we have currently in Spain and some of its main features in terms of capital, the number of partners and their responsibility:
4 funding.


This is one of the great horses of battle to start a business. Looking for funding and subsidies, keep in mind that the beginnings are very hard and you planning can make short and, above all, do not give your idea to potential investors. A loan that give it a percentage of the capital to a third party is not the same. There are ways as participatory loans which regulates the law and that allow you to join loans to different variables of the evolution of society without being necessarily through the same capital.


Normally to grow you need to borrow you but our recommendation is that you avoid it, at least at first, as much as possible. There are businesses that require from the home of a large debt and this is often a difficult yoke. Your growth must be sustained and always maintaining control, excessive leverage can mean the end of a society despite having a brilliant product. In this sense, we recommend that you read our article on which Bank to choose for your company or business, since the choice of the Bank will be of vital importance in the access to finance.


5. prior information.


There are thousands of things to find out and none are expert in everything. This is to inform you with experts in each field, and mainly with people who know the sector. Today there are many resources online to learn and many of them are free. Whenever you start your activity you‘ll realize that the 24 hours of the day are cortisimas so while you‘re developing your business plan is go collecting data of people specialized in each of the important areas that you are analyzing: product, financing, tax, technology, human resources, licensing, competition, etc.


Finally, say that entrepreneurship is difficult, there are many data circulating but media say that nearly 75% of companies disappear. You must be tenacious, knowing that both the company and your head a few days you will believe something and other days it will be very dark, but the important thing is that working for oneself enriches, is a game that lasts 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year and that engages! so you should take the opportunity to try it.

The numbers say that increasingly is easier to open a business in Spain

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The numbers say that increasingly is easier to open a business in Spain
The numbers say that increasingly is easier to open a business in SpainAccording to the World Bank, Spain has improved in the past year in four of the ten areas of regulation that value the ease for doing business in the country, the so-called index of ease of doing business or doing business, ranking 33 over 189 countries analysed for the report by 2015.


Especially we have improved with the introduction of a common electronic system of procedures for various public agencies, facilitated the transfer of properties through small business news the reduction of some taxes, lowered the tax burden for companies and it has adjusted to solve the problems of insolvency with the introduction of new legislation.


The most significant with respect to the creation of enterprises is that “Spain simplified the records of companies introducing an electronic system that links several public agencies. These reforms are generating tangible benefits for entrepreneurs. For example, if in 2004 to start a company in Spain took 138 days, this year has been only 13 “, highlighted in the report of the World Bank.


Since Disyem is the faith of the proper functioning of these new mechanisms to create companies because we have companies created in less than 10 days and for less than 150 euros, including notary and registry costs. You can consult our advisory services for entrepreneurs.


We are going to tell you a little bit what this index is for, then analyze the reality of how much costs us to start an activity in Spain.


The Doing Business project developed by the World Bank was founded in 2002 in order to analyze and compare the norms that regulate the activities of small and medium-sized local companies through an objective measurement of the regulatory frameworks of the business activity and its implementation in 189 territorial areas.


The classification of a country in the index is based on the average of 10 subindices:


Opening of a company: the time of procedures, cost and minimum capital to open a new business
Building permits management: procedures of time and cost to build a store
The employment of workers: index of difficulty of hiring, rigidity of hours index, index of difficulty of dismissal, rigidity of the rate of employment and dismissal costs.
Registry properties: time of procedures, and the cost of registration of goods trade roots.
Credit: the strength of legal rights index, depth of credit information index.
The protection of investors: the indices on the scope of the disclosure, the degree of responsibility of the administrators and the ease of shareholder suits.
Tax: number of hours per year dedicated to prepare tax returns, taxes paid and the total tax payable as a percentage of the gross profit.
Cross-border trade: number of documents, the cost and time required for export and import.
Contract compliance: procedures, time and cost to enforce a contract of debt.
Closings: index of the rate of recovery which is a function of time, cost, and other factors such as the lending rate and the likelihood that the company continues to operate.